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Early Preschool

We at Preschool Connection Child Development Center believe that early education is crucial to every child’s growth. At this age, toddlers are already observant of things and try to imitate them. On the other hand, two-year-olds strive to be independent and learn new things on their own.

To provide them a better guidance, we offer toddler and two-year-old programs that would help develop and fulfill their curious minds through letting them explore in a conducive learning environment. In this program, we provide activities that promote freedom within boundaries.

Our program includes:

Health and Well-Being

  • Use of fork/spoon for eating
  • Use of cup for drinking
  • Potty training
  • Independent toileting and hand washing

Gross Motor Skills

  • Rocking/riding toys
  • Low climbing structures
  • Push/pull toys
  • Rhythm instruments
  • Bouncy toys
  • Music and movement
  • Outdoor play

Fine Motor Skills

  • Stacking/sorting toys
  • Action/reaction toys
  • Simple puzzles
  • Crayon/maker use
  • Press/turn toys

Language Development

  • Frequent communication during activities
  • Simple picture books
  • Songs and nursery rhymes
  • Daily story time
  • Soft animals/puppets

Pretend Play

  • Dolls/stuffed animals and accessories
  • Kitchen sets and play food
  • Dress-up clothes and accessories

Creativity and Exploration

  • Painting
  • Sensory development material
  • Sand/water table

Note: Teachers refer to the Texas Education Agency’s Toddler Early Learning Guidelines to plan activities.

For more detailed information about the program, you may call us at 281-570-6079.